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Working Process Of Screw Air Compressor

Kaishan is a great brand and big factory. As a distributor, we feel content to its quality, service and hope we can go on this win-win relationship.

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We purchased an energy saving air compressor from Kaishan. kaishan is as good as world famous brand! They have research center in my country

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Working Process Of Screw Air Compressor

Working process of twin-screw compressor: the motor drives the main rotor through coupling, speed-up gear or belt. As the two rotors mesh with each other, the main rotor directly drives the auxiliary rotor to rotate together. Under the effect of relative negative pressure, the air is inhaled. Under the effect of tooth peak and tooth groove coincidence, the gas is transmitted and compressed. When the meshing surface of the rotor turns to be connected with the exhaust port of the casing, the compressed gas Start draining.


Working process of worm compressor: the motor transmits the power to the worm shaft by the coupling or belt, the worm drives the star gear to move relatively in the worm groove, the volume of the closed unit changes, and the gas and transmission are compressed. When the design pressure value is reached, the symmetrical triangular exhaust ports on the left and right sides of the main engine shell are discharged into the oil-gas separator.


The main body of screw compressor is provided with oil injection holes. Depending on its own pressure difference, oil is injected into the compression chamber in the process of compression to cool the gas, seal the gaps of various parts, and play the role of vibration absorption, noise reduction and lubrication

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