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The Main Types Of Air Compressors

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The Main Types Of Air Compressors

The types of air compressors currently on the market can be divided into piston air compressors, screw air compressors, and centrifugal air compressors. These three categories are different.


Piston compressor is a fixed-volume, reciprocating compressor, which mainly completes the suction-closed-compression-exhaust cycle through the motion cooperation of the cylinder, piston and valve. Its advantages are large pressure range, good stability, and stable exhaust pressure. Its disadvantages are large size and bulk, and relatively high operation and maintenance costs. Piston compressors are currently mainly used in special applications such as high pressure compression.

Screw type

Screw compressor is a fixed-capacity, rotary compressor. The suction-closed-compression-exhaust cycle is completed mainly through the engagement and rotation of the screw. Its advantages are ruggedness and easy maintenance. Its disadvantages are unstable output pressure and lower energy efficiency than piston air compressors under the same conditions. Screw air compressors are divided into single-screw compressors and twin-screw compressors. At present, the largest market share is twin-screw compressors, which have the vast majority, but the excellent single-screw compressors of some manufacturers are not small.


Centrifugal compressor is a variable-capacity, impeller-type compressor. It mainly works through the high-speed operation of the impeller to form a centrifugal force, which promotes the high-speed flow of air. Through the role of the supercharger, it generates compressed air at a certain pressure and flow rate. The process is inspiratory-increase-expand pressure-exhaust. Its advantages are large flow and no oil, and its disadvantages are difficult capacity adjustment and easy to cause surge.

Other types

Other compressors with practical value include scroll, sliding vane, and axial compressors, which can be attributed to compression methods such as constant volume and variable volume, which are similar to the analysis process of the aforementioned compressors. Less, not discussed separately here, but the analysis process of this article is also suitable for these compressors. When the Dongguan air compressor is working, the air is sucked in through a self-cleaning air filter, and the filter is automatically cleaned by PLC. After the air is automatically adjusted by the inlet guide vanes, the air enters the first stage compression, and the gas temperature after the first stage compression is higher. Then enter the intercooler for cooling (inside the water pipe, outside the gas pipe, the water flow of the intercooler is required to be 110m / h), and then enter the secondary compression system. In order to prevent the gas in the system from pouring into the compression chamber (avoid (Pressure start) A suspended fully open check valve is installed in the exhaust pipe of Dongguan Air Compressor. The gas discharged from the compressor pushes the check valve into the exhaust muffler, and then enters the first-stage aftercooler and the second-stage aftercooler. Into the exhaust main pipe.

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