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Technologyical Advantages Of Compressor‘s PM Variable Frequency Air Compressor

Kaishan is a great brand and big factory. As a distributor, we feel content to its quality, service and hope we can go on this win-win relationship.

—— AIREP  S.A.S.

We purchased an energy saving air compressor from Kaishan. kaishan is as good as world famous brand! They have research center in my country

—— Verender (from American)

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Technologyical Advantages Of Compressor‘s PM Variable Frequency Air Compressor

As a result of the use of rare-earth PM materials,Kaishan Compressor's PM synchronous motor possesses higher rotating speed, wide regulation range and better efficiency.

The high efficiency of Kaishan PM synchronous rotor gengeates very low heat itself.So the Kaishan high efficiency PM motor utilizes a fully enclosed design, which completely isolates itself from the intrusion of dust impurities.Because of the low efficiency ang high heating of other common PM synchronous motors

its structural design requires cooling openings makes iron-containing dusts in the air remans inside the motor by megnetice attraction. Over time it causes the motor to fail.Therefore,Kaishan products eliminate a huge hidden failure,and have better reliability,higher efficency,longer in its lift time ,and low noise(the operating noise of Kaishan 37kw PM variable frequency screw air compressor is as low as 65db)

The heat-resisting temperature of Kaishan PM synchronous motorsis up to 180℃,which is improved by 50%compared to 120℃ of the domestic products. Therefore,in any case it will not be demagnetized.

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