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Screw Air Compressor Structure

Kaishan is a great brand and big factory. As a distributor, we feel content to its quality, service and hope we can go on this win-win relationship.

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We purchased an energy saving air compressor from Kaishan. kaishan is as good as world famous brand! They have research center in my country

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Screw Air Compressor Structure

The screw air compressor is a fuel-injected single-stage twin-screw compressor. It is divided into a single-screw air compressor and a twin-screw air compressor. It uses a high-efficiency pulley drive to drive the host to rotate for air compression. The compressed air is cooled, and the air and oil mixed gas discharged from the host are separated into coarse and fine. The oil in the compressed air is separated out, and finally clean compressed air is obtained. Coolers are used to cool compressed air and oil.

It has excellent reliability, small vibration, low noise, convenient operation, few wearing parts, and high operating efficiency.

The screw compressor is a type of positive displacement compressor. The air compression is achieved by changing the volume of the cogging of the male and female rotors that are engaged in parallel with each other in the casing. The rotor pair rotates in the casing that is precisely matched with it, so that the gas between the rotor coggings constantly produces a periodic volume change and is pushed along the rotor axis from the suction side to the discharge side to complete the three processes of suction, compression and exhaust. Work process.


The twin screw compressor is a double-shaft positive displacement rotary compressor. It mainly consists of two main (male) and auxiliary (female) rotors to form a meshing pair. The outer teeth of the main and auxiliary rotors form a closed base with the inner wall of the casing. The shortcomings of the meta-capacity and twin-screw are that 40 cubic meters and above models need to add speed-increasing gears, increase power consumption and prone to headlock; and the worm compressor is a single-shaft positive displacement rotary compressor. The pair is composed of a worm and two star wheels arranged in a symmetrical plane. The worm screw groove, the star gear tooth surface, and the inner wall of the casing form a closed elementary volume. However, the material of the star wheel needs to be improved.

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