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Precautions For Piston Air Compressors

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Precautions For Piston Air Compressors

1.Inspect all screws or nuts for looseness.

2.Is the belt tight?

3. Whether the pipeline is normal and the oil level is appropriate.

4.Whether the wires and electrical switches meet the requirements and the boundaries are correct.

5.Is the fulcrum of each caster fixed or stable?

6.Compression means whether the pulley can be easily turned by hand.

7,Before the compressor works, it is best to idle for more than 2 to 3 minutes, and then operate normally.

8.Check whether the running direction is the same as that indicated by the arrow. If it is not the same, replace any two of the three power supplies with the three-phase motor.

9.The air cleaner should be checked frequently for pollution, and the filter cotton must be removed for cleaning (using gas oil) or replaced to maintain a good air filtration effect.

10.After using the air compressor daily, the bucket drain valve should be opened to remove the condensed water and oil in the bucket, etc.

11.The cylinder head and copper tube of the air compressor generate heat due to air compression, and the general temperature is very high.This is an inevitable phenomenon and is not abnormal.

12.If the air compressor is in operation during power outages or after use, please cut off the power to ensure safety.


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